Unique Zumba in a Unique Venue

Monday Feb 26th 2024 - 7.30 p.m.

South American Vibes meet Crystal Chandeliers!

Come and Experience our Unique Zumba in the Unique and Beautiful setting of Leominster's Lion Ballroom.

Exciting and Uplifting!

Taking you on an exciting and uplifting journey around the world and always coming back regularly to South America and Caribbean Vibes.
Carefully crafted to take you to an incredible high again and again!
You'll be on Cloud 9 mentally and physically for hours!

Chandeliers, Ornate Windows,  Wooden Floors and Columns!

Giving you fun moves with uplifting South American party vibe in a very special setting with crystal chandeliers, sprung wooden floor, high stucco ceilings with large ornate windows!

60 Minutes of Zumba Fun!

A really exciting hour of Zumba fun, not too strenuous, slowly building and suitable for all levels.

The Evening!

Zumba in a luxurious and beautiful setting hidden away through the Lion Arch. You will never probably experience Zumba in such a Unique Setting!

Presented By A Zumba Addict!

Presented by Rod Drury one of the regions most popular and friendly instructors on 
catering to all levels. He's attended over 350 Zumba classes, becoming an instructor 5 years ago.
He has designed the evening with the most uplifting music and exciting moves to make your experience
really memorable.

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The Lion Ballroom

Lion Ballroom

Lion Yard. 17 Broad St, Leominster