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Come And Lift Your Mood!

Come and try our Unique Zumba
©, Uniquely Created and Uniquely Fun!

Have Fun - Get Excited -
Become Happy - Feel Fantastic!

And Come And Try,
On One Of Our Special Offers!

Plus dancing skills or co-ordination are not required - you'll soon get the hang of it.

 Our Zumba© is about
Fun - Friendly - Fitness
closely followed by
Excitement, Enjoyment, Elation.

Come and have Zumba© fun with us!

Whether a Zumba
© lover or looking for a fun fitness class that's dance based, this is what we are about.

You can be and feel whoever you want to be in our class, escape the world and immerse yourself 

in a friendly, fun and exciting class.

I absolutely loved it, can't wait to do it again 

- Julie.

Thank you, I had so much energy last night after the class, so I really want to join the next classes 

- Marlena.

I had a really good time, thank you, it was so much fun 

- Chloe.

Created by a Zumba fanatic who has not only become one of the U.K.'s most experienced instructors, doing around 500 classes a year, but also the instructor who attended the most Zumba classes before going full time,

350 classes with 15 different instructors.

So he really knows what makes a great Zumba class and puts all that he has learnt into ours.

And from his love of many forms of dance music, but being not a trained dancer, he makes it accessible to everyone, not a personal event to showcase the instructors latest moves.

It was really great, can I come tomorrow 

- Elise.

Hi Rod, I absolutely loved it 

- Shelia.

That was amazing, I'll come next class

- Ilona.

From the South American and Caribbean vibes to the musical journey to exotic locations around the world,

you'll be taken on a fun fitness journey.

From fun and exhilarating moves, that'll get your body pumping and your mind and mood lifted,

to give you a high - both physically and mentally.

You'll work all your body easily, while having fun and excitement, and if you want to burn calories, 660 calories is the record at the moment at one of our local classes.

Hi Rod, yes we enjoyed it and shall come again next week, possibly bringing a couple more if that's OK? 

- Diane

I really enjoyed it, see you next week 

- Ann.

We both loved it and really keen to sign on for more classes 

- Sandra.

Great for you physically, mentally, emotionally!

Burn calories - Be happier - Get Fitter!

Very Friendly Classes - Exciting Movements - 100% Zumba Sounds!

Plus no instructors, that act like they are Queens, Kings or prima-donnas, who think the class is there, for their benefit and you are their tools, or attendees acting in the same way, our Zumba is very friendly and all about your enjoyment not theirs.

It was good fun and thank you for the session 

- Kay.

I really enjoyed it thanks! Will definitely be coming again! 

- Alice.

I loved it 

- Barbara.

Our Zumba is really suitable for all adult ages, all abilities, all shapes and sizes, and all people.

Our one big happy family from teens to 85 years of age, everyone happy and smiling together.

Rod has made it simple enough that everyone can get it, quickly, but not all easy and some testing parts to make it interesting to your mind and body. But also giving you enough space to show your extra moves if you want.

I loved it thank you! I'd love to join in again 

- Ellie.

I loved it, I'm coming Friday 

- Donna.

Hi, absolutely loved it, will carry on lessons, thank you.

 - Izabela.

Now if the words or images don't convince you to come and try a class, how about the quotes below and above, from our actual class-mates in the last 12 months?

Or to book your place now - 

Head to the town class you'd like to try via the menu at the top of the page.


Really enjoyed it 

- Jane B.

Morning Rod, thank you it was great 

- Sonya

Had a great time, thank you. Will be coming back for sure 

- Lisa

Yes, definitely enjoyed it. Will be back 

- Teresa G.

Was fantastic 

- Ann W.

We had a really good time 

- Karen O.

I really enjoyed tonight 

- Christine Y.

Hi Rod, I had a Fab time. Will be at Zumba next week 

- Claire

Hi, I really enjoyed it, I will be coming next Wednesday 

- Tincuta.

We all thoroughly enjoyed your class, thank you 

- Sonia.

I had a really good time, you are so positive, thx 

- Magdalena.

I had a great time. I've asked my friend if she wants to come with me next week 

- Gayle.

Fantastic class really enjoy, put my name down for Wednesday, big thank you 

- Trinny

Yes, I enjoyed it very much and would like to come again

 - Miriam.

Hi Rod, It was great I felt really good after it , I will be back next week 

- Karen

Hi Rod, really enjoyed it. The word has spread that it's a good class, which is good for you. Can you send me your bank details to pay you please. See you Friday. Thanks. 

- Roz.

Hello Rod - Thank you very much it was fun 

- Nette.

Everyone was happy and smiling. I am very satisfied. Thank you. Is it possible to sign up for Friday 

- Alla.

Created by a Zumba lover just for you!

Rod started Zumbering 11 years ago in Malvern, Worcestershire. After a break, he came back to it one early Sunday morning, 9 a.m., in 2018, in Worcester. That quickly grew to 7 classes every week, plus a few other dance fitness classes but nothing touched the high's of Zumba! 

From today's special instructors he sees, to the 15 he's experienced over the years, and the 350 classes he's attended before the lock down, he has really found those moves and sounds that really create the highs in a Zumba class!

He has taken all of those hours of Zumba experiences and combined them with his knowledge of our minds and bodies from being a Success Coach, to create the perfect Zumba high!

The Elation!

Distilled from hundreds of hours of classes and dozens of different dance moves into a special combination to give you a High - of Fun, Excitement, Happiness and Elation!

Very friendly classes where everyone is made to feel welcome!

Including all the music playlists if you would like them, so you can get your favourite songs to play all week until your next class with us, via Spotify or your music app!

Now the proof is in the pudding - so come and see and experience the Elation for yourself!
If it doesn't give you Zumba Elation - we'll refund you! 

But for your first visit, come and try for half price!

60 Minutes Zumba© Elation!

60 minutes of fun, excitement, happiness, and elation!

 The music and moves that will take you on an exciting journey around the world!

Plus the music playlists sent to you, so you can get your favourite songs to play all week until your next class.

£6.00 a 60 minute class
4 Classes for £20 plus - 
any additional classes in that month at Half Price - Just £2.50!
(First 4 visits half price) 


90 Minutes Of Zumba© Elation!

The Ultimate Zumba High!
An incredible feeling of elation and happiness! 

 The music and moves that will take you to an incredible Zumba high!

Plus the music playlists sent to you, so you can get your favourite songs to play all week until your next class.
These will be starting again soon!


Beginners Class!

30 minutes of 1 on 1 tuition in small class max 5.

Learn the 3 opening songs in a relaxed environment and then the option to join in with the 60 minute class or just watch how it all works.

£15 and includes your first 60 minute class when you're ready to take it.

Plus the video of the first 3 songs to practice at home.