Secret Garden

Secret Garden Closed But Indoor Classes Are Back On.
Enquire Below.

Unique Zumba!

  • 100% True Zumba.
(No 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, chart music)

  • Created by a Zumba fanatic after attending 350 classes.

  • Every Zumba style, sound and move and new ones too.

  • Blended especially to take you on a journey around the world.
  • Probably the friendliest Zumba class in Worcester.

Unique Venue!

  • The Secret Garden in Worcester Town Centre.
  • Totally private, hidden natural haven, surrounded by trees, flowers and hedges.
  • After the special view of the Cathedral, enter under a hidden arch of roses.
  • Then down a hidden pathway of greenery to the Secret Garden.
  • With safe, non-slip mats and decking.

Unique Price!

  • Uniquely Free.
  • Try all 4 classes in a week for free.
  • Or try 2 on the same day over 2 weeks.
  • Come and see, for free, if our Zumba is what you'll love.
  •  The proof will be in the pudding - of music, choreo and people!
  • And dancing skills or co-ordination are not required - you'll soon get the hang of it.

Secret Garden Closed But Indoor Classes Are Back On!

Class Times 

Secret Garden Classes Are Closed

But Enquire About Our Indoor Classes Below.


First Visit To Each Class Free.

(Plus Special Offers)


Then £6 per class for 60 minutes

Or 4 classes for £20 plus then any more classes that month half price!

(Locked into gym membership discount available)

Free Places Limited.


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